Tuesday, October 19, 2010

DSC Fun Shoot 2010

I participated in this years DSC Fun Shoot!

This year was a three gun theme where I used my S&W M&P9, a Robinson Arms XCR chambered in 7.62x39 and my Remington 870 Police Magnum 12 gauge shot gun Vang Comp.

I only had one issue and that was with my 870! It had a double feed but I managed to clear it and power on.

The variety of tools used for the event.

Checking out the other participants shot gun style.

It was raining most of the day and came down pretty hard for a portion of it.

The range turned into a big mud pit and running around with an extra 10lbs of mud stuck to your shoes made it all the more fun!

There were about 20 participants this year which is a healthy turn out.

It was a three gun fun shoot. We had a pistol only stage, a carbine only stage and then a three gun stage where a pistol, carbine and shotgun were used.

The three gun portion we were to draw an empty pistol from our holster and load it with a magazine that was resting on the blue barrel in front of the shooter.

Then engage 6 steel poppers.

After that run over to the carbine stage.

The rifle, bolt closed, was laying on top of a blue barrel along with a magazine.

You're supposed to pick up the rifle, load it and start shooting the 10 IPSC targets laid out in front out to a range of 25 yards. Three hits in the A zone for each target. When finished we unload the rifle and ensure the bolt is locked back.

Next we were to run up to the shotgun stage:

This is the final shot from the shotgun stage.

We had six targets laid out in a U shaped pattern.

Each target had two balloons attached to it. about 2 inches away from each other.

The instructor would yell "Left" or "Right" to indicate which balloon to hit on each target.

The shotgun was sitting on a blue barrel unloaded. We had to load the tube with six rounds (or combat load every round or get it loaded as the shooter saw fit)

Engage the six targets making sure not to hit the "hostage" balloon.

When done we were to load a slug and hit the steel about 25 yards away.

Yesterday, I went to the gun store, Bay Area Gun Vault, where the first prize was awaiting me and started to fill out the paperwork for it.

The owner of the store, Gary, also competed in the DSC fun shoot and he donated a lot of the great prizes to the club for the winners of the event and for the raffle afterward to help raise money for the club.

First prize: Complete Noveske Lower.
Second prize: Quality binoculars.
Third prize: Stripped Noveske lower.

Here is a pic of my first place prize at the gun store:


Mason@CST said...

Congrats on first place Olav! Nice looking lower...

Gun eTools said...

Thanks Mason. It was a fun, yet rainy day of fun! Did I mention it was fun? :)

NotClauswitz said...

Nice work, a Noveske! It rained and we worried that the new roof patch would hold since we're in the middle of a re-model. I recognize that range, my club's 200-yard range is the berm over to the left.

Gun eTools said...

Thanks DC!

You got the range right.

Hope the remodel goes well, it's supposed to rain again this weekend too!