Sunday, November 21, 2010

Training in the Rain, DSC Style

Last week at the DSC we focused on the importance of being able to operate your handgun proficiently with only one hand.

The previous class we did force on force and noticed that when being shot at, with airsoft, a lot of peoples hands got shot. That was probably because when presenting the firearm it is conveniently positioned center-of-mass.

This prompted our instructor to emphasize weapon manipulations and accurate shots on targets with whatever hand is available.

Things we covered were malfunction clearances, reloading, drawing, engaging threats from various positions and recovery of a weapon in case it was dropped.

Recovery if dropped because your hand was shot and you had to stay in the fight.

So, this post is to make people aware that this type of training might come in handy and also makes you better and more confident when handling your firearm in normal situations.

BTW it was raining like hell most of the day!

M&P9 is a tough pistol!

Intense discussion between drills.

Learning the finer points of transitioning a pistol between strong side and support side.

Today we mainly practiced one handed shooting with various stresses thrown in for good measure. Some of the stresses include running a lap around the range then run and set up popper targets and then reassemble your field stripped handgun before you engage the poppers from behind a barricade!

Everyone had fun!

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K9Partnership said...

rained hard at times - Jim and I also to pictures - I'll post to the dsc - It was great practice.