Thursday, January 20, 2011

SHOT Show 2011 Media Day: KRISS K10 Prototype

I was at the KRISS TDI Media day Tent where they had all thier current firearms on display and their future firearm the K10. 

The K10 has an integrated collapsible stock, the charging handle has been moved to the side of the weapon and is pulled down, an ambidextrous mag release has been added to the integrated fore grip plus the bolt release will be moved on to the integrated front grip as well. This allows for more gripping versatility than the current model. 

The current model is very grip sensitive in that you cannot move your hand up toward the barrel area other wise you will cause the inadvertent malfunctions if not trained in using the weapon. Also, the safety will also control the firing rate. The current weapon has two switches. One is the safety and the other controls the firing rate for the SMG. Other things that are being added is a picatinny rail over the 5.5 inch barrel so more stuff can be hung off of it. All those improvements in the current design will make this gun much more desirable indeed. I know I like all the improvements because my main complaint was all the controls were crowded right on top of the weapon where you would want to naturally rest your hand.

Here, Wolfgang Schroder is demonstrating the K10.
Daniel Velilla is adjusting the K10 prototype
The charging handle on the K10 prototype is fully ambidextrous. 
I was talking to Christophe Guignard, VP Sales and Marketing at KRISS Systems, and he said there is going to be 9mm and .40cal variants available to the U.S. market. He said that 9mm is available in Europe because that is the most common round used my law enforcement and the .40cal is most common here in the U.S. That is good news as I would get the K10 in 9mm in a hearbeat! I was lucky enough to be able to shoot the KRISS Super V SMG and that was one fun gun to shoot. The muzzle does rise when you let go over 8 rounds at once and not prepared for it, ask me how I know!

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