Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Shot Show Media Day: Steyr AUG

Had a little trigger time with the Steyr AUG.

Michael Nischalke was showing me the ropes regarding this weapon.

He demonstrated a very slick way to quickly remove an empty magazine to be replaced with a full one.

He was mentioning that the barrel was so hot they removed it and started to pour water down the bore to cool it off.

One button press and a twist of the wrist and the barrel is out!

Ambidextrous ejection port for the lefties. Didn't see to many of them there.

Fire control group nestled in the butt stock. Very compact.

Apparently, after 7,000 rounds it gets this dirty! The fire control group is all plastic, uh I mean"Polymer", make it very light.

I wonder how hard it would be to switch to a completely different set of manual of arms for this weapon. It was definitely cool but I would have trouble adjusting from more traditional rifle ergonomics.

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