Sunday, February 20, 2011

Defensive Shooting Club: Putting it all together.

Today was a great day at the DSC.

We started of with some drills to learn target discrimination and the technique of target discrimination:

1. Take in the big picture.
2. Look for what is unusual behavior
3. Check the waist and hands for sighs of intent.
4. Act on threats based on previous observations and ongoing behavior.

These are very general tenets but put to practice takes practice to be sure!

The following drill we each were given three cards with three numbers on them. We were to turn them over and neutralize the threats that represented the numbers written on the card.

The choice is: Do we spread fire all the time or mix our response depending on situation.

We were competing against our neighbor tasked with the same drill to put a little stress in the situation.

The following is a set up where we practiced various aspects of "spread fire" and defensive tactics using different firing positions and different hands alternating between strong side only to support side only.

A lot was learned good habits strengthened!

Here are some video highlights:

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