Saturday, April 23, 2011

Defensive Shooting Club - Drills Day

The beginning to the day started out with fundamentals. Making sure me maintained proper trigger control, sight picture, follow through. Increasing the distances we discovered that the fundamentals played a crucial part in being able to hit the target.

We also practiced target discrimination and driving the gun between targets to simulate multiple attackers, because you know that's the way it's going.

Setting up the targets

Getting Ready for Intense Training

Setting up a Defensive Learning Environment

On interesting drill we did was to use some plastic barrels as cover just to illustrate how difficult it really is to make sure you are actually behind cover and cannot be seen by the attackers. Just because you can't see them doesn't mean they can't see some part of you to take out.

This simple looking drill covers a lot of basic material. Proper use of cover is more difficult especially when the cover might be on the smaller side. It's good to get a sense of how much is exposed. Also, we run a 360 degree "Hot" range. Therefore, position "SUL" is alway used to prevent breaking rule number 2! Also, in more advance training classes it is the natural thing to do so focus on the training principles is easier if the basic safely concepts are squared away. This drill also hammer home the use of both hands. When using support side cover use support side grip. In the long run you become a more versatile defensive shooter.

Nice write up on position "SUL"

This drill was to teach the use of muzzle and trigger discipline during the transitioning from one unconventional position to another. Also, realizing that the DSC trains in a 360 degree hot range, using position "SUL" to become an automatic position when moving around when not engaging any threats but still in a super heightened level of awareness.

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