Sunday, August 7, 2011

Defensive Shooting Club: Attack Inoculation

Today we did a lot of interesting stuff.

The most interesting was: Attack Inoculation.

We started off the morning with a "blind shoot" scenario where no one knew what the situation was when we were walking into it.

Next up for the day was Attack Inoculation. That is when the instructor beats us with a training bag to disorient and condition us to fight to get to our weapons. Once we were bashed to the right amount we were to deploy our handguns to neutralize any threats. It was actually pretty fun.

Here's a video of the crazy training antics.

Oh, inevitably our eyes and ears would fall off due to the sparing. The 'uke' could have put them back on but most opted to keep the training real and shoot without them. What was interesting was the phenomena of "aural exclusion" actually took place and I for one didn't hear the pistol at all!

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