Sunday, January 22, 2012

2012 SHOT Show: Celebrities I Got To Meet: Kyle Lamb, Rich Wyatt, Jerry Miculek, Doug Koenig

Walking around the floor of SHOT Show I got to see a lot of people that I have seen on T.V.

I'm not a name dropper but this time I made an exception!

What I found interesting is a lot of the Top Shot contestants were milling around. I didn't talk to any of them but found that they were a lot shorter that they appeared on T.V.

Here are a couple that I intercepted:

Kyle Lamb
Kyle Lamb was showing off his Smith & Wesson line of products. Very nice guy. I was lucky enough to take a carbine course taught by him and it was great.

Rich Wyatt from American Guns T.V. Show
Rich Wyatt seemed very nice and was more than willing to get his picture taken with me. His daughter was there in tow looking at the guns too. I enjoy his show "American Guns" as it involves his family. I didn't get to meet his son. He seems like a cool kid with a good head on his shoulders according to the show so I would have liked to get a first impression of him too.

S&W Shooting Team Doug Koenig, Julie Golub, Jerry Miculek

I got to talk to Doug Koenig for a while and asked him how he got started. He was very humble and explained the progression of a 20 plus year adventure in the shooting sports that finally got him to the top of the list of shooters. He started at 17 when he went to his first IPSC tournament but before that he plinked in his back yard practicing and such.  Clearly, he has raw talent that was honed and refined over the years. I wish I could shoot a tenth of his ability.

I also got to talk to Jerry Miculek a while and asked him how he stays on top of his game even with his thick glasses. He said something like: "He uses the Force". So now I know he has transcended mere mortals to shoot like the God of Revolvers. He also says he had a boat load of different types of glasses for different events and circumstances. O.K. still he is awesome and only innate ability and the quest to constantly improve and constructively self criticize keeps him super sharp and at the top of his game.

Julie Golub was there she was super nice and does great stuff in the community to help out with great causes. I didn't get a chance to talk with her but she gave off a great aura that made me feel good.

It was nice to see all the celebs mingling at the SHOT Show showing support for the 2nd Amendment.

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NotClauswitz said...

Kyle Lamb! I have Green Eyes and Black Rifles, but I didn't know they ever taught around here? Oh well my bad...