Monday, January 23, 2012

2012 SHOT Show Media Day: Full Auto Airguns by Air Venturi

I had to check out the full auto air guns. This was pretty cool. They didn't hardly make a sound yet I was hitting steel out to 25 yards with these bad boys.

These are know as PCP air guns or Pre-Charged Pneumatic. That is there is a reservoir of air integrated into the gun. These have a 280cc capacity which is good for up to 40 shots per fill.

To recharge the on board air bottle you have to carry around an external air bottle, typically a SCUBA tank, and fill it up with that.

The Evanix Speed PY-2667 is available in .177, .22 & .25 caliber and soon they will be offering 9mm with a 280cc reservoir.

The Evanix Speed py-2668 has a 400cc reservoir and is good for 55 shots per fill with the same calibers available.

These are German air guns and of really high quality.

I have a Daystate Airwolf and it's a lot of fun

.22 cal Air Gun PY-2667

.25 cal Air Gun PY-2668

9mm Air Gun! 50 cents a shot!

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