Tuesday, January 24, 2012

2012 SHOT Show Media Day: Parabellum Armament

I talked to the guys at Parabellum Armament and tried out there AK-Adaptive Rail System and in a word: WOW. This thing is awesome. They made some great design decisions and solved a lot of problems with this great rail system.

The product is solid as a rock and will retain zero even when taking off the AK bolt cover for maintenance because of a neat two prong pin design holding the rail in place that is mounted directly on the bolt cover.

Unfortunately, I didn't get any cool close up pictures but this product is solid.

It allows you to mount optics utilizing the Picatinny rail design, retain zero after field stripping, use BUIS.

One the Right, Andrew C. Edge, Senior Partner
AK-Adaptive Rail System. Very Cool!

Ratchet Charging System: Drop in product.
The Ratchet Charging System is pretty cool. They are still developing the product and have great ideas for its evolution.  I didn't get to try it out but the quality looked very high.

Ambidextrous -Dual Functioning Over Sized Charging Handle
These looked pretty solid. I don't use my AR much but if I did I'd give these a try.

Ambidextrous -Dual Functioning Charging Handles: Over Size, Normal Size

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