Wednesday, January 18, 2012

2012 SHOT Show: Robinson Arms XCR-M Battle Rifle, New Stock and More...

Alex Robinson of Robinson Arms and designer of the XCR on the right.

I stopped by the Robinson Arms booth at SHOT Show and got to meet Alex Robinson himself. Very nice guy and very smart too.

Aaron Holladay of Robinson Arms

I talked with Aaron Holladay about the new rifle and other goodies Robinson Arms was showing at the booth.

I got to see their new XCR-M battle rifle chambered in 7.62 NATO and see their new stock too.

Aaron showing off the new rifle here in the picture above noted that the XCR-M has less felt recoil than the XCR-L chambered in 7.62x39. If that is true that would be quite a feat as I own and shoot the XCR-L in 7.62x39 and don't notice the recoil as being a problem in so if it's lighter that that then WOW!

I wasn't disappointed in what I saw. The XCR-M has all the familiar fire controls as the XCR-L but with an newly designed adjustable gas system to handle the extra power of the 7.62x51 round.

New XCR-M adjustable gas system

Apparently the XCR-L gas system wasn't able to do the job so a whole new gas system was needed.

Also, the bolt and bolt carrier was redesigned. New the firing pin in not integral to the bolt but has become part of the bolt carrier.

XCR-M Op-rod, bolt, bolt carrier and spring assembly.

XCR-M Shorter Bolt

XCR-M Bolt Carrier: Firing pin inserts on left side.

Other changes include the piston which loses it's cup design to be flatter and more robust to handle the extra power.
XCR-M piston

The op-rod now is a once piece part where on the XCR-L it is composed of two pieces wielded together. Much nicer looking. I hope they do that going forward with the XCR-L's op-rod.
Op-rod now one piece contruction

I also got to seen the new ambidextrous mag release which is compatible with both rifles. That should be available to current XCR-L owners in a couple of months.
Ambidextrous mag release

Other notable changes are the XCR-M opens up a lot wider when the rear pin is remove than the XCR-L. That's a  welcome change as I find the less 45 degree opening between upper receiver and lower receiver a little restrictive. Now  it's a full 90 degrees.

Spring system

Spring system.

Now here's a couple of pics of the new stock. This is a nice stock with a max LOP of 14" and a bit, I believe, which is great for me because my arms seem to be extra long.  There are 6 (I believe) adjustment increments and the cheek piece is adjustable to two positions which is an easy procedure to adjust.

It seemed very robust and easy to fold and unfold.

New Robinson Armament Folding Stock

Bottom of new stock fully extended.

 With all the AR10's now coming onto the market this is a refreshing alternative with great ergonomics. I love shooting my XCR-L so shooting this must be just as fun if not more.

The Robinson Arms XCR-M has a MSPR of $2,300.0.

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