Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Conceal and carry laws fuel surge in female gun ownership: Yah!

 Great story here reflecting the changing attitudes toward gun ownership:

"The Kansas City Police Department employee is used to her semi-automatic, but the borrowed gun, a wood-grip .38 Taurus revolver, had its appeal.

“Easier to control your shot,” she said. “No recoil.”

A shooter for several years, Hunt was not surprised to hear that more women are buying handguns, honing accuracy and toting them in their purses in states like Missouri and Kansas that have conceal and carry weapon laws."

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By the numbers

60 percent of firearm retailers reported an increase in female customers, according to a National Shooting Sports survey.

1 in 4 American women say they personally own a firearm, according to an October Gallup poll.

43 percent of women reported at least one firearm in their home and 23 percent said it was theirs in the same Gallup poll.

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Keep the momentum up...

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