Monday, April 2, 2012

Defensive Shooting Club: Scenario Day Fun.

Getting the run down of what to expect

Safety overview

Today was a great day training with the Defensive Shooting Club. Jeff Patane picked up a dueling tree and two hostage target heads swingers types.

There was a nice showing of 28 dedicated citizens practicing their 2nd Amendment Rights and pitching in to make it a great day of shooting.

He incorporated these targets plus a home built IPSC type swinging target into a scenario.

The scenario was a little tricky to catch on to as we are not as smart as we should be.

Basically, Jeff employed the  swinging IPSC target to indicate to the shooter what color target will be the threat in the scenario. The problem was a lot was open to peoples vast imagination. Needless to say, hilarity ensued.

The main point of the scenario, Situational Awareness, was kind of thrown under the bus.

During the scenario we were taken as a hostage during a bank heist or whatever. We were supposed to overtake the "bag guy guard" and use his weapon to neutralize the situation.

Oh, we were also all handcuffed for this one! So we had to manipulate the handgun while being bound up.

The problem was most people missed the bad guy que and kind of fired at what they considered bad guys based on other que's that made sense from an internally logical perspective.

Here are some over taking the bad guy pictures during the scenario:

After the scenario was completed we all gathered for a debriefing where Jeff pointed out the good, the bad and the ugly.

After which we went into some great drill that incorporated the new targets, barrels and barricades.

He really built up the stress level by creating a competition between the group and it was a lot of fun shooting till the wheels rolled off into the distance.

All in all it was a great day and as usual learned a heck of a lot. Everybody was awesome chipping in and providing great background noise. LOL!

Some video of the new club targets and putting them to good use:

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