Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Defensive Shooting Club: Tactical Medical Class

This week we were taught some of the great information a combat medic knows and applies in the field.

The medical info we were shown specifically relates to firearms type injuries but other great info was bestowed upon us.

Nick Ramsay Army Medic and RN

Nick Answering Questions

Nick Ramsay Demonstrating A  Combat Application Tourniquet (CAT)
Topics covered include:

What to carry in your own first aid kit.
How to apply a tournique
When to apply a tourniquet.
How to use a pressure bandage.
What kind of blood clotting thing to use.
How to improvise a tourniquet.
When to know how much pressure to apply to a pressure bandage.

How to move an injured person.
When to elevate.

How much blood is in you legs.

And on and on.

A great class!

I had to leave a bit early due to other commitments so I missed out on some cool info.

Here's a video outtake of Nick teaching:

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home defense said...

That's a great video. This gentleman obviously knows what he's doing. Thanks for posting. This has inspired me to look further into this sort of training.