Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sig 556R Back From Sig Sauer Custom Shop Services

I got my Sig 556R that was manufactured February, 2011 back from Sig Sauer Custom Shop services.

They had the rifle two days.

Pretty quick turn around. Fedex took the bulk of the time require 7 days to get there and 7 days to get back to me.

 According to the gunsmith comments the work performed was:

- Inspected rifle

- Upgraded sear and sear spring

 - Upgraded the mag support plate

- Upgraded the torsion assist. I cannot begin to guess what this means but could the the ejection port increase.

- Upgraded the extractor and extractor and extractor spring.

There is no mention from the gunsmith that he widened the ejection port by removing material.

Gunsmith report.
Ejection port before sending in.
Ejection port after. Job looks sloppy.
Comparing the ejection port modification or "upgraded torsion assist" with a photo of someone elses modification from Sig Sauer Custom Shop Services my job looks pretty rushed and sloppy. The gunsmith, "M. Burlingame" must had an off day. There doesn't seem to be a quality control step that inspects the out going work to make sure it's at least consistent with some sort of standard.

Sig Sauer 556R Factory Fix of FTF/FTE - Increase Ejection Port Size (Top old, Bottom new)
Above photo shows another persons "upgraded torsion assist" workmanship. Looks good to me.

Mag Support Plate added.
I haven't taken the rifle out to the range yet to test fire it and verify the fix.

 Update: June 05 2012

Well, I have test fired the 556R now and it's got an interesting new problem.

It looks like the charging handle is going all the way back and smashing into the rear of the upper receiver and denting in the metal.

Below is a photo of the damaged upper receiver.

Damaged upper receiver caused by reciprocating charging handle

It's clearly noticeable in the above photo that the charging handle hit the back of the receiver.

Inside view of damage.

I also can see the rubber is coming lose from the rivet.

Charging handle lined up.

Charging handle contacting the receiver causing damage.

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Unknown said...

This actually happened to my rifle before I sent it back to Sig. I think it was from me using the second setting on the gas tube pressure knob to long at the range... at least thats when I noticed it.