Friday, January 4, 2013

Gun Spot 2.0 Is Coming...

Gun Spot 2.0 is coming with iOS 6, new features and improvements throughout.

Here is a preview of the new look.

A central "Tools" tab to allow for easy expansion of future exciting features.

Here is one search example that has been enhanced.

This ZIP search feature now allows for a maximum radius in which to search to include all Gun Spots nearby that ZIP. This is especially useful in areas where the Gun Spot density is low like in some places in Alaska.
 ZIP search features a distance from the center of the ZIP code location.

 Gun Spot details that allow you to look up their web site, FFL eZCheck, dial phone, view location on a map and get driving directions.

 More share options now to help spread the word about your favorite Gun Spot.

Review and Rate the Gun Spot now too!

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