Monday, February 18, 2013

2013 SHOT Show Media Day: Parabellum Armament/Dublin AK Systems

I got to meet Ethan A. Dublin the inventor of the Ratchet Charging System(RCS). He came out with the idea about four years ago (don't quote me) while he was in high school. 

Over the past 4 plus years he's refined the product to require not screws or tools to install. It's plug-n-play drop-in simplicity. 

I got to try out the gen 2 version and it's sweet. 

That along with Parabellum Armament AKARS Adaptive Rail System and you have one awesome AK to keep on hand.

Ethan A. Dublin of Dublin AK Systems, LLC
(Boy Genius)

New design slips on with no tools.

Gen 2 fits nice and it much more durable.

Ethan has a lot of other ideas up his sleeve and was also showing a prototype version of his new AK mag release system that allows you to release the magazines with your thumb without taking your hand off of the fire controls. So, you can drop a magazine while getting the  next one ready to insert much like the AR style.

Thumb magazine release.

Magazine release lever depressed.

He also mentioned that he had some products lined up for the good old Saiga 12 which I am excited about. I talked with him about what I would like to see and it looks like we see eye-to-eye there.

Lets hope he keeps pumping out great products because he is graduating from College with a marine engineering degree and the firearms product designs will be a side line going forward... maybe.

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