Saturday, February 23, 2013

2013 SHOT Show: Sig 556R Trigger Reset Factory Flaw

Some Sig 556R rifles ship with a trigger reset problem.

I demonstrated the Sig 556R trigger reset problem to a Sig Sauer representative on the 2013 SHOT Show floor with their  556R display model.

The representative was surprised and agreed this was a problem and told me to send my rifle in for warrantee service.

I don't know if Sig Sauer actually did anything to fix current shipping rifles that had this problem already but at least I brought the problem to their awareness.

To reproduce the problem with an empty rifle pull the trigger and keep the trigger pressed.

Cock the rifle.

Then slowly "pump" the trigger without going past the reset and the hammer will drop.

I have included a short video demonstrating the problem so you can check your rifle to see if you are having the issue.

I sent in my rifle and there gunsmith replaced the sear and sear spring.

This seemed to have fixed the problem as I could not reproduce the issue while dry firing.

I just wanted to point this problem out because rifles are being shipped with this flaw.

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