Thursday, January 16, 2014

SHOT Show 2014 FAB Defense Ultimag 10R Star Mag. Ultimate F-You

Five Fab Defense Ultimag 10R Magazines coupled together via a five sided coupler. Also, two can be coupled together linearly so you just flip the mag over to get to the other 10 rounds.

The FAB Defense Star Magazine is a direct result of the crazy out-of-control laws that are passed in irrational gun hating states.

This magazine is a evolutionary manifestation directly resulting from wacky laws that are passed. Pass a wacky law: Get a equally wacky product to circumvent the law.

I'll be buying this product in the 5 10 round pentagram configuration to not only support innovative companies that are willing to develop products specifically taylored to undermined irrational gun laws but to foster that creativity and fund continued development of them.

Even though this product might be a little unusual I love it. I'll buy it for my future museum of products that hit the market during the dark days of gun banners and as a symbol representing the current administrations religious zealotry against law abiding freedom loving citizens.

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