Friday, September 12, 2008

Building Sun Devil Purple AR-15 For My Wife!

I visited Sun Devil Manufacturing back in May when I was on a trip to Phoenix, AZ. I met the owner ,David Beaty, and he was very friendly and took the time out of his day (actually evening) to give me a great tour of his facility. He has several areas where he completes his various products. Both his uppers and lowers are CNC machined out of billet aluminum. He makes all sorts of AR style rifles and even supplies the Army Special Forces with custom SBR machine guns.

This is a shot from my phone camera of part of the facility.

I ordered a upper and lower from Sun Devil Manufacturing annodized in purple. They offer serveral colors like pink, purple, blue, gold, titanium ... anyway here's a picture of all the colors offered. Quite a selection!

I finally recieved the upper portion of the AR I ordered from him. It looks great. Quality is awesome. I ordered the "slick" side version of the upper. That means that there is no forward assist. My wife loves it.

This is a picture of the anodized upper in the sun.

Another shot of it out of the sun.

We have a matching stripped lower anodized in purple coming also but here in California I have to wait 10 days. Then I'll be able to put the whole thing together. End of next week is when I'm expecting the lower.

My wife loves it because it doesn't look so menacing as a regular black rifle.

We'll be putting on a MonsterMan Grip and a A2 fixed length buttstock on it to make it California compliant too.

We'll be adding a bullet button so the rifle won't have a detachable magazine to make it California compliant too.

It's unfortunate that we in California have to do this to be able to legally own these AR style sporting rifles.

Here's the result.

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