Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Sunday Range Day Report

Went to the Los Altos Rod and Gun Club Sunday morning for my "at least" once a week practice session.

This time I only used my handguns. The M&P,S&W952-1,Kimber HD ProCarryII and the S&W M41. I like to shoot a variety of handguns comparing the results and seeing the differences between them. I do that a lot plus I just like to shoot them. They all have there own particular feel and shooting characteristics that I enjoy.

I like to shoot the S&W M41 to warm up with, check for any bad habits (based on the hits) and practice new techniques or hone old techniques like follow through, trigger reset, front sight focusing etc.

I mainly practice with my defensive handgun. I do one handed drills, marksmanship drills and target analysis afterward from varying distances.

One thing I am noticing though is that other participants at the range don't adhere to safety rules very consciensciously. I guess there is a wide range of experience and knowledge when it comes to firearms ownership and safety.

When I bring a friend to the range to shoot for the first time I always stress safety and the five rules:

1) Always assume the gun is loaded.
2) Only put your finger on the trigger when you have your target in the sights.
3) Know your target and what is behind it.
4) Never point you gun at something you are not willing to destroy.
5) When transporting a gun know where your muzzle is pointing.

Then I go from there.

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