Saturday, March 7, 2009

Aimpoint M4s plus 3X Magnifier plus "Bridge" between them

I'm using an Aimpoint CompM4s in conjunction with a 3X magnifier to bring the target closer when needed.

The 3X magnifier is mounted using a LaRue pivot quick release mount which is very convenient to quickly get the magnifier out of the way.

Having the CompM4s requires that the magnifier be mounted a little further away from it because the power switch is at the 5 o'clock location rather than the 2 o'clock which is where the CompM4 power switch is in conjuction with using the two LaRue mounts.

You can see that the pivot point will interfere with the power switch in the picture below.

Gap Size beween two optics

Gap "bridged" with shroud

"Bridged" optics

I decided to use the rubber shroud that comes with the 3X magnifier, that needs to be removed to use it with the pivot mount, and put it on the Compm4s to add an "eye cup" like feature similar to what's on a camera. Luckily, it's just big enough to bridge the gap between the two optics and provide a nice seal against any extraneous light that would otherwise degrade the sight picture coming in from gap between the two optics. It also protects against any dirt that could get between the two them.

It's a nice tight fit and very secure. It won't be coming off even after spirited use.

Moving the magnifier to the side is just as easy and the shroud provides nice eye cup to shield against any back lighting that would otherwise interfere with the red dot optic, which has happened in the past. When pivoting the magnifier back it fits in perfectly and seals up again without any trouble since the shroud is a flexible rubber.

This seems like a pretty good solution to not only having a solid bridge between the two optics but also a nice hood to protect the CompM4s and shield against back lighting conditions and provide extra protection.

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Mason@CST said...

Nice setup and great idea!