Wednesday, March 18, 2009

A great pistol drill to try out.

I ran across this great drill complete with target and par times.

It's over at a site run by Todd Louis Green.

I have adopted this drill and I'm practicing it weekly to see if I can become "advanced" that's less than seven second for the drill twice in a row.

It's pretty fun and I have a shooting partner that has also taken to it so we have some friendly competition to see who's the fastest.

Range: 7 yards
Target: 3×5 card (head), 8″ plate (body)
Start position: weapon concealed or in duty condition with all holster retention devices active; shooter facing downrange in relaxed stance with arms down at sides
Rounds fired: 6

Drill begins from the holster, pistol loaded with exactly two rounds. On the buzzer:

1. draw
2. fire two rounds at the 3×5 box
3. perform a slidelock reload
4. fire four rounds at the 8″ circle

Official F.A.S.T. target:

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