Sunday, June 7, 2009

DSC ScenarioDay: Active Shooter

Today the instructor, Jeff Patane., set up an active shooter scenario with a couple of variations. In one case we arrived at the scene of an active shooter while picking up our child. We did not have a defensive firearm on our person but when we arrived at the "school" we saw something like the following photo which represents a custodian.

We then heard some shots being fired from within the "school" once we got to the gate. Through the gate we could see a downed "security guard".

Upon examining the security guard we can see he has a revolver on his person. Checking the guard he didn't survive the encounter with the active shooter so now we know this is a dicey situation. Along with the revolver were two speed loaders of ammo.

Ideally, you would pick up the revolver and the two speed loaders, empty the revolver of the spent ammo, because you could see that there were primer strikes on the casings, and load the revolver. Once you were ready to you would close in on the sound of gunfire because you want to rescue you child.

The above photo depicts the entrance to the "school" where the active shooter is terrorizing the students and staff. We had to make sure we retained the element of surprise and not get caught in the "fatal funnel" which is the doorway, in this case.

Since this is a "blind" shoot, meaning all the students were corralled off to the side so no one could see ahead of time what was going on, it was very interesting to see how everyone reacted to the scenario.

I went second out of about ten people so I got to see all of the people go through except one.

Out of ten people, only three people actually got rounds off at the "active shooters" (I was one of the three). Most people just grabbed the gun and ran up to the door but found the gun was empty. One person just ran up to the door ignoring everything at the scene.

Going through one of these scenarios is not as easy as it looks, when Jeff is yelling at you and your trying to get through the various components of the scenario, always trying to be tactically aware etc. Also, we have to still get out hits and be accountable for every shot.

In this active shooter scenario we went through concepts such as the four rules of target discrimination which are:
  1. Look at the big picture.
  2. Look at a potential threats actions.
  3. Look at the hands and waistband for weapons.
  4. Focus in on the center of mass.
If you have a defensive weapon always clear and secure other weapons found at a scene.

Try to question the wounded or unarmed witnesses at the scene for any information about the active shooter.

When approaching a doorway get out of the "fatal funnel" and move dynamically when entering a room so as not to present yourself as a target.

Use weapons available if you are unarmed.

There was a twist on the above scenario where the gate was locked and we had to figure out how to get through and defeat the bad guys.

After the scenario's we ran through some shooting stages and wrapped up with a double elimination bowling pin shoot where the winner got the following book:

I didn't win the book but I sure had fun!

It was a great day of training and packed full of training. Great fun!


Home on the Range said...

Book or not, a great way to spend the day. Education and fun all in one. I'd so love to do something like that again.

Ron said...

I just found your blog and I remember being there that day! I was the kid who checked the pulse of the dead body!